How to reach Varzaneh?

a.  It is easy to reach Varzaneh from Isfahan. From the Bus Terminal located in Jey Street (Terminal Jey on Google Maps), you can take a bus/minibus to Varzaneh which goes every hour. For more information, ask the staff in the bus terminal. You don’t have to buy a ticket, just get on the bus and pay when you get off. The cost should be 100,000 IR Rials (around  1 Euro), including luggage service. The journey takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and usually the bus service runs every one or two hours as the driver wait till the bus fills up with passengers.

You can show the driver following sentence in Persian, and he will stop almost in front of our guesthouse (to get in just follow the signs) or simply ask him for Negaar hotel(hostel):

راننده‌ی محترم، لطفا در محل ترمینال قدیمی ورزنه جلو رباط عباسی، برای اقامتگاه سنتی نگار توقف کنید.

b. If you prefer, we can order a taxi from your hotel\hostel; the cost is 1,150,000 IR Rials, from your hotel/hostel in Isfahan to our Guesthouse.

a. There are no direct buses from Yazd to Varzaneh, however, It’s easy to get Varzaneh.  You can catch one of the many going to Isfahan and ask the driver to be dropped off in Na’in, more precisely at “Falake Esfahan” Square (فلکه اصفهان), from where you can catch a taxi to Varzaneh.

Unfortunately, there is no bus service between Na’in and Varzaneh. In order not to be overcharged for the taxi, you can let us know your estimated arrival time and we will send one to pick you up in Na’in to Varzaneh with 700,000 IR Rials. Normally, it is easy to find taxi though.

You can simply call us when you just got the bus from Yazd toward Isfahan, so I will have an estimation when you must be arriving to Na’in, to send you a taxi to be there in right time. Or, if you would not have Iranian number, you can write down our staff phone number, and show it to your bus driver, they will call us.

b. Also you can get the Isfahan bus from Yazd and ask your driver to stop in Gardaneh Molla Ahmad which is closer to Varzaneh and from there we could provide you a taxi to come to Varzaneh in 400,000 IR Rials.

c. Another solution would be, a direct taxi from Yazd to Varzaneh. This would cost 2,900,000 IR Rials ,
which we can provide you taxis with this price. An additional option would be to stop in the beautiful villages Kharanaq, Chak-Chak and Meybod on the way to Varzaneh from Yazd. This would cost 4,000,000 IRRials for a whole day journey.

a. As for reaching Varzaneh from Kashan, there should be frequently buses we expect to Na’in from Kashan.
In fact, all the buses from Kashan to Yazd, should pass Na’in I suppose. But, unfortunately, there is no buses from Na’in to Varzaneh.
There, you could find many taxis to Varzaneh. If you want, in an specific time, we can order a taxi for you, to be there in Na’in, costing 700,000 IR Rial.
Indeed, for catching taxis to Varzaneh, you need to find “Falakeh Esfahan” (فلکه اصفهان), which is a square in Na’in, and there you can find many taxi options to Varzaneh.

b. We can order direct taxi also for you, Kashan to Varzaneh, with an stop to Abyaneh, and another stop in Na’in if you wish, with  3,800,000 Rial. Abyaneh is a beautiful village close to Kashan, that most of people consider it when they get to Kashan.

c. Kashan to Varzaneh, directly would be 3,500,000 Rial.

There are many ways to reach Varzaneh from Tehran which you could choose one you are comfortable with:

1. There is a direct bus from Tehran to Varzaneh every day morning. For getting the bus you should be in Southern Terminal (called Terminal Jonoub) at 10:30 a.m. First find Adl bus company and ask for Koohpaye or Varzaneh bus and just buy a ticket. The ticket is around 650,000 IRR.

2. There are lots of buses leaving Tehran to Isfahan every hour in Southern Terminal (Terminal Jonoub), West Terminal (Terminal Gharb) or Beyhaghi Terminal which you could get on any time you prefer and it costs you approximately 650.000 IRR  and from Isfahan to Varzaneh there are minibuses every hour (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.) from Jey Terminal that it costs 100,000 IRR (approx. 1 €).

How can I go to other cities from the guest house?

a. The morning buses leave at 6:00 am 7:00 am 8:00 am and 10:00 am. The afternoon bus leave at 2 :00pm; the price is 100,000 Rial.
There are recently buses available in 3:30 p.m., available in most of the days.

b. The other option is a taxi, which will cost 1,150,000 IRR  per car. If you’re travelling alone, you can share the ride with other fellow travelers going in the same direction in order to split the cost of the cab.

a. Unfortunately, there are no direct buses from Varzaneh to Yazd, but there is a bus service from Na’in to Yazd. From the guest house, you can take a taxi to Na’in 700.000 IRRials once there, the bus leaves every 45 minutes to Yazd.

From Varzaneh to Yazd it takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes in total and buses from Na’in to Yazd costs around 350,000 IRR .

b. Another option is to take a taxi from Varzaneh to Yazd, which will cost 2,900,000 IRR . The journey takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes and you will have the possibility to stop at one place of interest along the way, one of these called Na’in.

a. We can provide a private taxi to Shiraz. It costs 5,500,000 IRR and you will have the chance to visit Naghsh-e Rostam, Pasargad and other beautiful sites along the way. This is a big advantage that you could visit the attractions on the way to Shiraz. Because otherwise when you are in Shiraz you should take another taxi to visit Pasargad and other places.
You could also make a stop in Persepolis which would cost 6,500,000 IRR.

b. Otherwise you can always reach first Isfahan and then use the daily bus to Shiraz that goes ahead every half an hour.

– You can simply get the direct bus from Varzaneh Terminal to Tehran. Adl company bus leaves Varzaneh at 21:30 every night and the ticket price is 650.000 IRR .

– Another way to go to Tehran is to get the Harand-Tehran bus. Harand is a small town near Varzaneh (30 km on northwest) which has two buses every day to Tehran at 14:30 and 22:00 that it costs 650.000 IRR. To get these buses you can take a taxi from Varzaneh to Harand Terminal with 400.000 IRR.

– Also you could get minibuses from Varzaneh to Isfahan at these times: 6 a.m. , 7 a.m. , 8 a.m. , 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. It costs 50.000 IRR. And from Isfahan there are every hour buses directly to Tehran which the tickets cost around 650.000 IRR .

How far are the natural or historical attractions from the town?

You can access the nearest sand dune just 12 Km from the town and 10 minutes by car. Feel free to check out our daily tours here.

The salt lake is 60 Km away from the town. Feel free to check out our daily tours here.

Need more information?

There is a detailed description of Varzaneh and its surroundings in Wikitravel, written by the guest house owner. Feel welcome to read the full article here: and available in several languages:
a. In French:
b. In Italian:
c. In Chinese:

Upon request, we organize your overnight stay in the desert. However, starting from October, it is often cold in the nights (believe us! nights of desert can be really harsh!).
Nevertheless, we actively organize camping in the desert many of the nights. As an special offer, for those joining camping in the desert, we would happily give them also a private room in our traditional hotel, so they can take shower, take rest, put their luggage, and take a nap before and after the tour.

Since some people are interested, they can check our tours section for camping in Varzaneh desert option. Click here for more details.

Nevertheless, we will providing full sleeping equipment (tent, many extra blankets, light mattress, pillows, and a warm fire), dinner, plus you will have a guide, and all the other options indicated in the tour.

We’re sorry to say we do not allow pets in our guest house.

It’s allowed to smoke in the main courtyard of the house. However, we would be thankful if you don’t smoke indoors (inside the rooms).

Yes, of course. Wi-Fi is one of the free facilities we provide with accommodation. We have our own private wireless network in the hostel which is available in all of the bedrooms. We will provide the password while you’re checking into the hostel.

In the excursion we can do a lot of different activities. We can provide : picnic, barbecue, sand-boarding, stargazing, camel riding, quad, camping in Iranian desert, wildlife tours, swimming, paragliding, tea time gathering, visiting handicrafts’ workshops, participating in local’s wedding, cooking with locals, trying a Persian medicine health restoring and Hammam tour, hiking in some oasis villages nearby and many others!

Varzaneh offer a wide range of things to see and do. You can explore the beautiful landscapes from the sand dunes of the desert to large salt lake and even hike an asleep volcano.  Meanwhile, Varzaneh will surprise you with authentic traditional places. Therefore, Mohammad the owner of Negaar (Negar) Guest House, will help you to organize some tours for surrounding spots. We are providing some authentic tours which you can visit on our tour page.

The guest house offers a fast laundry service. For less than 4 kilos the price is 2.5 Euro

Yes, we provide a wide range of local vegetarian food.

For more information, please check Negaar Guest House food menu.

We prepare authentic home cooked food on a daily basis; some of the dishes we offer are such traditional ones that are hard to find even in local restaurants. All the meals are provided by the owner’s mother. So if you are tired of eating kebab and you are keen to try the genuine Iranian cuisine… You are in the right place then!

For more information, please check Negaar Guest House food menu.

You can pay in Iranian Rial, Euro or US$. You may check the exchange rate from the free market, and re-calculate your bill in either of currencies mentioned.

March 5, 2017